Editorial respects achievements, rights and individual peculiarities of authors of materials submitted for publication in the journal.

At the same time we reserve the right to refuse to publish authors whose relevant actions or materials contents do not correspond to the generally accepted ethical norms and cultural traditions.

We also do not accept materials presented and designed with violation of the journal publication rules.

Hereby the IASHE and the Editorial of «GISAP: Philological Sciences» guarantee observance of publishing ethics legally based on international standards: statements adopted on the second World conference devoted to matters of honesty of scientific studies (Singapore, July 22-24, 2010); statements worked out by the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE.

Submitting materials for consideration the author must observe the following standards of publication ethics (without observance of these standards it is impossible to provide high quality of the edition and respect to the journal and other authors of the journal):

  • Materials must be original, not published before (in certain cases exceptions are possible - consent of the Expert Board is necessary)
  • materials must not include elements of plagiarism
  • materials must not be re-phrased works of other authors
  • materials must not include unreliable, consciously falsified data
  • materials must be published only by authors of articles
  • materials must not include appropriation of results of studies of other people or their obvious elements
  • materials must not be submitted to several journals at once (in certain cases exceptions are possible - consent of the Expert Board is necessary)
  • materials must not include conscious sabotage of results of other author's unpublished (not yet published) work
  • all authors of the report must make significant contributions to its preparation.

At the same time if anyone claims that his (or third persons') copyrights have been violated by the fact of publication of certain materials in the journal without any significant evidences, the IASHE reserves the right not to take such statements into account.



The IASHE and the Editorial promise to observe the following ethical principles in the process of expert assessment and selection of materials for publication in the journal «GISAP: Philological Sciences»:

  • promotion of independence, professionalism, objectivity and honesty of editorial activity;
  • promotion of the unified approach and standards criteria of expert assessment of materials for admission to publication;
  • promotion of general high quality of materials published;
  • undertaking of all possible and available measures in order to prevent plagiarism in materials published;
  • promotion of confidentiality of reviewed materials and results of their expert assessment;
  • reasonableness of all actions of the publisher and the Editorial Council in decision-making concerning admission of materials to publication;
  • obligatoriness of formulation of recommendations on improvement of materials not accepted to publication in order to make them correspond to requirements of the journal.