News of the project

1. In accordance with the decisions of the IASHE Presidium from December 23, 2014 (Protocol №25-4/R) and from October 08, 2014 (Protocol №523/8-15), following the results of realization of the program of the Open European and Asian championships in research analytics in 2013 and taking strict Read More
Following the results of voting of the GISAP project participants, winners in the category "Best reports of the year - 2014" were defined. Diplomas of the winners will be posted in participants personal profiles. The diplomas will be sent by post as the final last year championship results are Read More
The Intrenational Psychological Congress “Psycho-physiological, psychological and pedagogical problems of relations between children and parents at the stage of preschool interaction" took place on our website from April 01 till April 30, 2014. Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, represented Read More
Following the results of championships and conferences of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education, held in April-June 2014 the following rankings were calculated: - Universities general (interdisciplinary) research activity ranking (UGRAR)- Universities special research Read More
Dear friends! The British publishing house has published the monograph “The Interface Theory of Word Meaning: Psycholinguistic Approach” (ISBN 978-1-909137-44-8, paperback) written by one of the most authoritative members of our project - Alexandra Zalevskaya. Dr. Zalevskaya had shown brilliant Read More
Dear colleagues! We would like to inform you that in August 2014 the International University of Scientific and Innovative Analytics was launched under the auspices of the IASHE. Within the framework of activity of the University the following programs are implemented: international legalization of Read More
Starting from 2015 the IASHE will publish “Archive Protocol of the IASHE-GISAP project” in each collection of scientific works and issue of the IASHE scientific journal with the indication of winners of this project during three previous years in the following categories: 1) Winners and prize- Read More
Dear participants of the GISAP project!  In 2015 the IASHE intends to pay special attention to status development of short forms of scientific works – the innovative abstracts of scientific researches and of their authors' prestigiousness. High-quality summaries of scientific researches in English Read More
Verification (attestation) of the educational qualification of the GISAP project participant without his official participation in Scientific-analytical program of improvement of educational and professional qualification.. To pass the program of the educational qualification verification the GISAP Read More
From now on within the framework of the new project of the IASHE “International Scientific Analytics University” (ISAU) former and current participants of the GISAP project can acquire the British educational qualification “Scientific analyst” verified by the corresponding diploma of the IASHE and Read More