News of the project

In November we launch a new service - International Scientific Congresses of the IASHE. Congress is a multidisciplinary scientific and analytical forum of professional scientists and practitioners. Congresses are distantly organized and directed by curators - authoritative scientific and Read More
For the convenience of our members we have posted a calendar of stages of championships and conferences for the next year. Please, pay attention to minor changes in the branches of sciences. Sciences in 2013 will be grouped in a little different way than it was in the current year. For example, Read More
Kiev National University named by Taras Shevchenko is head-liner in rating by between section research efficiency of High Degree Schools, which was held in the frame of joint project IASHE (UK)and All-Ukrainian Academic Union. It was told in press-conference of UNIAN by Irina Levitskaya -the Read More
Let's become known worldwide together! Dear Colleagues! Thank to our joint efforts, the international popularity of our project continues growing. During last several months, the website is permanently listed in the Top - 1000 Alexa rankings within EU, an authoritative daily Read More
In connection with the scientific conference "Philology, culturology, art srudy and architecture in the process of value transformation of society"  to be held on June 11-15, 2012, Cambridge University Press wishes to accept the works of participants of our project on the issues of culturology. The Read More
IJSCE offers the participants of our project who have scientific works of a high quality level in the spheres of computer sciences and engineering, information technologies, electronics and communication, electrotechnology, electronics and telecommunication, machine-building and civil engineering Read More
In the post-Soviet states, approbation of results of a dissertation research traditionally is a necessary part of its preparation for defence. The corresponding information section is also a necessary element in the introduction of a dissertation itself, which is composed in these countries in Read More
Recently the IASHE has been receiving numerous requests from Ukrainian scientists to be allowed to publish their reports in collections of scientific works of the International Research Analytics Project in Ukrainian. According to the General Regulations for conducting championships (competitions) Read More
Dear Colleagues! When creating and developing the project, the IASHE was initially guided by the belief that the sphere of scientific activity is inherently conjunct with high culture potential and moral principles, as well as the implied mutual respect of participants of scientific processes. The Read More
For wider informational coverage and for convenirnce of communication of the project participants we launch official pages of the project in the most popular in Europe and CIS social networks Facebook, VK (vkontakte), Twitter. Along with the news of the project there can be optionally posted the Read More