News of the project

The Bureau of IASHE by its decision of 07.02.2013 № 44/-57-sap, has approved the Regulations of the championships in scientific analytics in 2013 (available here). The distinctive features ofthe new regulationsare: the official announcement of the possibility of world and continental championships Read More
According to the paragraph 6 of the Regulations of the championships in scientific analytics 2013, IASHE has significantly increased the prize rewards to the winners of championships in scientific analytics. With the help of thisAcademy gradually realizes one of its goals, which is expressed in the Read More
In March the IASHE has received a notification about the official registration of its first periodical (scientific magazine): «GISAP: Earth and Space Sciences». The magazine was registered under the British jurisdiction and the relevant ISSN (ISSN 2052-3890) was assigned. This is the first stage of Read More
We announce the initiation of the program of systematic publication of the IASHE periodical scientific magazines. In this regard author’s researches, submitted for participation in the GISAP project will have two possible variants of publication: in the sectoral scientific magazine of the IASHE or Read More
After studying the experience of sessions of the International Scientific Congress, the IASHE Presidium admits high scientific quality of analytical results of such forums (with participation of scientists from around the world). Taking the significant opportunity of practical usage of materials of Read More
For the convenience of participants of the project we add a new function - calculation of the full financial contribution for taking part in championships and conferences. The calculator is available in the HELP section of the private office. Proceed to the calculator Read More
In connection with the launch of official community webpages of the international scientific analytical project GISAP in social networks Platonick, Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter, we offer the authors to send us innovational summaries of their reports for us to post them on our pages in social Read More
On the official demand of representatives of the Legal Deposit Office of Great Britain scientific works digests of the International Scientific Analytical Project GISAP are now available in the following libraries of the United Kingdom: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. The Cambridge Read More
Starting from October 2012 we launch a new service – TOP articles of the year. It is a rating, which displays the reports of the project championships winners. Reports are shown within the branches of science. Following the results of the year the author of the best article in every field will Read More
The article about the international scientific analytical project GISAP and the interview with its participant on websites of the republican social-political newspaper "Литер" (the Republic of Kazakhstan) and social-poiltical publications review digest "МЕРИДИАН". proceed to the article on the Read More