Dear Colleagues!

When creating and developing the project, the IASHE was initially guided by the belief that the sphere of scientific activity is inherently conjunct with high culture potential and moral principles, as well as the implied mutual respect of participants of scientific processes. The system of assessment of scientific works in the framework of research analytics championships held under the auspices of the IASHE was developed in order that, on the one hand, the maximum possible number of interested and competent persons could participate in the project, and, on the other hand, the whole set of objective facts indicating the quality of reports (articles), activity and effectiveness of their authors' scientific work was considered within the project.

However, in spite of the above mentioned ideology of fair and transparent competitiveness, which is the fundamental part of the project, the incidents of some participants of research analytics championships using elements of unfair competition have lately become more recent.

In particular, certain facts of intentionally and obviously biased under-rating by championship participants of their competitors' reports were revealed.

There were also cases of settling scores with the experts of championships by pejorative evaluation of their works by participants dissatisfied with the ratings the experts gave to the works of such participants.

Finally, recently an outrageous incident occurred: the website was hacked! As a result, apparently, individual participants of a research analytics championship had massively involved non-participants in the assessment of reports (articles) bypassing the established registration procedure, who gave unreasonably high marks to their prot?g?s and deliberately under-rated their competitors.

Dear Colleagues! The IASHE Presidium intimates that the facts of unfair competition in research analytics championships are totally inadmissible! In this regard, the Expert Panel of the IASHE is authorized to take violent measures to persons demonstrating inappropriate behaviour and eradicate conditions which give potential for allowing unfair competition from participants of the project.

 For example, the Expert Panel has excluded from the range of estimates to be given to participants of championships the numerical estimates of "1", "2", "3", based on the reasonable assumption that the project mainly involves experienced researchers, whose professional qualification even in the most adverse concurrence of circumstances cannot correspond to these low valuation categories.

The Expert Panel may also exclude obviously biased rates given to reports of participants when summing up the results of research analytics championships.

The persons repeatedly committing or organising activities that will qualify as acts of unfair competition or improper behaviour will be forever banned from participation in the project.

Moreover, comments of an offensive or inappropriate character will be further removed from information fields for commenting on scientific works.

Finally, we will significantly improve the protection of the registration block on our website in order to prevent incompetent and unfair (prejudiced or biased) individuals from participating in the assessment of scientific works.

In this regard, we would like to remind that only experts and direct participants of specialized research analytics championships may assess reports (articles) within the championships. All other persons officially registered on the website may only leave their comments duly polite according to the standards generally accepted in civilized society in the fields designated for this information.

The IASHE Presidium apologizes for any infringement of rules of research analytics championships by individual participants, ensures the eradication of these facts, and also thanks the corresponding persons for the integrity and vigilance they have shown!