Dear participants of the project, please pay attention to changes of dates:


147th International Research and Practice Conference  "Creativity as a personal self-expression mechanism and a way to reveal the level of sociocultural development" dedicated to Art History, Culturology, physical culture and sports, History and Philosophy.

148th International Research and Practice Conference  "Correlation between individual and collective needs in the context of improving the effectiveness of social processes" dedicated to Economics and Management, Jurisprudence, Military, Political and Sociological sciences.

149th International Research and Practice Conference  "Chronic and infectious human diseases, epizootic outbreaks and epiphytoty as the results of changes in conditions of biological life and the major directions of scientific research" dedicated to Agricultural sciences, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceutics and Veterinary medicine.


These activities will be held on August 11-17, 2017.


Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We wish you good luck in conferences and championships of IASHE.