Dear colleagues,

Within the Inter-Intel Collegium (IIC) program partner educational or scientific institutions will acquire the right to provide overview of their activity, achievements and initiatives (up to 2 pages of Russian text (or any national) and up to 2 pages of English text), at most once a month and at least once a quarter. This information will be subject to the free publication in the Inter-Intel Collegium (IIC) electronic or printed edition.

Technical requirements to published materials are similar to requirements imposed to scientific researches published in the GISAP project editions.


The printed IIC editions will be published under the British jurisdiction (with the British ISBN) and subject to obligatory free mailing to partner educational and scientific institutions, and also to the largest libraries of England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The electronic IIC editions will be placed on the IASHE website http://iashe.eu/.  The stated partner educational or scientific institutions will also have to publish them on their official websites.

Each subsequent issue of "IIC" will be subject to publication after the necessary array of materials is collected. Not more than one obligatory material from the partner organization and one additional material subject to the publication in conditions of insufficiency of materials, provided by the other partner organizations can be published in each edition. The planned norm of annual number releases of the edition can vary from 4 to 12 editions a year, depending on circumstances of their filling.

The IASHE hopes that the program of cooperation offered by us will allow not only expand and strengthen communications, interaction and cooperation between the scientific and educational organizations of different countries, but also increase their international popularity, citation and professional image.

Faithfully yours, the IASHE